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Sigrid, Creative, Colour Addict

“I express myself a lot through my style. You could say I'm kind of having an obsession with colour blocking. No surprise I'm a huge fan of Verner Panton and his skills regarding this. You will never see me wearing black from top to toe, I feel it erases my character.” Says, Sigrid Daregård, creative and muse for Powher's launching campaign Her New Tribe.

Sigrid, tell us about your background!

I'm born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland. My mother is Icelandic and my father is Swedish from an island called Gotland. That makes me a 2x islander - they say we can be a bit crazy. (Laughs). When I’m drained or stressed, Gotland is my place to be. It’s the best feeling when you have room to spread yourself out, being surrounded by nature and that you have the freedom to walk naked all day if you like. I moved to Stockholm for high-school to infuse my Swedish dna for a change. After ten years in the city my next step is Paris.

People, places and positions that have been particularly important to you?

All these strong contrasts of people and environments in my back-pack have been a real growing experience. I’ve also been fortunate with great and various education; from a few months at a school of domestic science in Reykjavik where I got to work intensively with the heritage of Icelandic culture to Paris and styling studies getting a taste of the behind the scenes of the bigger fashion houses. I just finished a three-year back to basics textile school in Stockholm, where you solemnly work with your hands to understand the core of weaving and embroidery. These contrasts have humbled me, taught me that inspiration lies all around us, and given me the tools I need to be free in my work.

Art & Crafts vs. Fashion?

I see traditional crafting techniques as a foundation to be inspired by, learned from, and to challenge. Art&crafts will always be a compliment to fashion though it’s up to us to nurture that collaboration. There is so much know-how in this world that we need to keep alive and revitalize. Working with textiles in the way I’ve been doing have made me profoundly experience the power of the hand. Some things the machines simply cannot copy.

What is pow(h)er to you?

Being raised in Iceland around a lot of strong women through out history - from feisty Viking women to the first elected female president in the world (Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, 1980) - has definitely grounded me and giving me a sense of  inner strength. I see power as an expression of freedom. Power is feeling whole and connected to oneself, as well as the connection we have with each other. The power of love, power of learning, power of doing, power of finding your purpose, and the power of mere existence.

‍What message do you want to send out to your female comrades?

Allow your mind to wander. Trust yourself. Everything we know and see has been made from other peer humans, therefore it can just as easily be reconstructed or changed as it was made. Question the things around you. No one is perfect, but we can become stronger by daring to take more space and learn from each other. Your voice, visions, ideas and opinions are important. Trust in that. And believe!

Best advice you've ever received?

Practise gratitude, it will colour your life in the brightest hues.

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“ My main inpsiration would be 60’s space age. Nostalgia stirred with futurism. I wonder if I’ll ever get enough of that... ” Sigrid is a Powher.

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