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Emma, Soul Singer, Bosslady

“I’m pretty non-Swedish and I let people know if they do something that I feel is not right… So beware!” says Emma, Brand/PR/Marketing at Powher

@whoisreign for AVAVAV, Fashion Week Stockholm August 2020. Concept, idea, creative direction & production: @boss_ladyproductions

I’m not bossy, I’m the boss. Let’s start with this amazing tagline one can read on your business card for your company Bosslady Productions. Where does your confident come from?

I come from a line of strong women and my mother and father raised me to never be afraid to speak my mind and to express myself – not overly appreciated by my teachers in school though haha. But I think that knowing that I have a safety net consisting of my family has made me trust that they will catch me if I fall. I also think that I was brought into this world to take the lead on something. If I don’t, who will?

Where do you find strength – pow(h)er – to be who you truly are?

Loads of therapy:-)… I have over the last year surrounded myself with a group of women. We meet up once a week and share our most ugly, inner thoughts and send love and strength to one another this way. It has really helped me a lot to accept and appreciate myself. I really feel uncomfortable around people who pretend to be something they are not, so I need to lead with a good example. Also it feels terrible not being yourself. I even hated to play dress up as a kid.
Sustainable hosiery brand @swedishstockings by @boss_ladyproductions

To be bossy but not a bitch?….. or is that even true about you?

It depends on who you ask…hahhaha I am a true Gemini. So for the ones that I love, appreciate and respect I am a complete dream to be around, for the ones I don’t and who are up to no good I can be a total bitch. I’m pretty non-Swedish and I let people know if they do something that I feel is not right… So beware!
As a woman that is very decisive I think it’s very easy to be seen as dominant and even as a bitch when it really just is about that you know what you want. I’m all about empowering women, we are truly amazing all of us.

We found you through all the work you’ve done for AVAVAV, Swedish Stockings and more, which we love. But what you did for Avavav on Stockholm Fashion week this August just blew us away (music video featuring @whoisreign) What’s your relationship to music?

I actually started my grown up life as a jazz and soul singer but soon got tired of living off of noodles. Still music is everything to me. It’s my place where I allow all that is little in me to come out, where I express my inner insecurities. I believe music really tells a story and can add the feeling of having your own soundtrack.

Talking about relationships. You’re known for your strong network and relationship with great influences and creative people. What’s your lifehack to build trust, meaningful connections and a strong community?

BE YOURSELF! Say yes, fake it til you make it and just go for it. Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t think to much, do more and trust yourself!

What’s your masterplan for Powher? Just one week in you’ve already convinced us that magical things will happen! Do you believe in a higher meaning? Crystals, sound healing, ecstatic dance….?

Hahaha! World Domination for Powher of course what else?
I truly believe in a higher meaning! I explore loads of parts of spirituality and believe in affirmation, that you have all the answers within you. Chrystals are in my sons room, my bedroom and on my desk. I also cleanse my apartment from negative energy with sage ,sometimes so much that I have to inform my neighbours.

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Emma is a Powher.

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