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Cassie, Diversity Director, Photogénie

“The wo(man) who says s(he) can, and the wo(man) who says s(he) can't, are both usually right.”

Cassandra Rasmussen Taleb is a 21-years old multipotentialite; blade runner @heyestrid, creative director and founder of knitting and crochet brand @by.annelise as well as photographer, stylist and contributor to amongst other @fiiriagency and @hobnobjournal

My friends call me

Cassie. I actually get called Cassie more than Cassandra which is my real name.

I'm addicted to

Halloumi Stroganoff. I could eat it all day every day.

My best advice to myself is

To keep reminding myself that things do eventually work out, in one way or the another.

I should be proud of

My resilience. Looking back at some parts of my – short but intense – life, I don't understand how I pushed through *patting myself on the back* .

My favourite expression is

Ooooh, hard choice!! I'll have to go with two- 1) You are not the reflection of those who can't love you. 2) The wo(man) who says s(he) can, and the wo(man) who says s(he) can't, are both usually right.

If I could get a superpower it would be

Being able to know exactly how to help people heal. Imagine that.

The one thing I love the most about myself is

I make people feel seen. I think that's important, and is probably what I love the most about myself.

I should start

Journaling and meditating again.
Note to Self.

I should stop

Binge-watching series while eating dinner in bed. And stop overthinking every. single. thing.

But I'd rather

Binge-watch series, while eating dinner in bed and overthinking (every. single. thing:)).
Photography: Cassie Rasmussen for Fiiri Agency with founder @monamali_ and model @juliacherrys

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