We Care

For our users, our products are made to honour their bodies.
For the earth, our aim is to protect its vulnerabilities.

Body Honoring

Woman Empowerment

We are self-care seen through a female lens. A brand created by women for everyone caring for their body and mind. We are nothing less than an ongoing conversation on woman empowerment. We think that our bodies are worthy of care and blessing and should always be treated with love and affection.

Self Care

Tried-and-true formula to improve health.

We believe that self care is part of the answer to how we can all better cope with daily stressors in our lives to promote health and well-being. The benefits of self care in general and the support of POWHER’s products in particular are self-experienced. All products and tools in the assortment are carefully selected from a tried-and-true formula.

Product Care

Take care of your tools and they will last longer.

Finish each self-care ritual by rinsing off the used tool with soap and lukewarm water to remove any dirt or dampness. The stainless steel tools can be sterilized and stored in the fridge for an enhanced massage experience.

Climate Care

A humble approach for a sustainable future.

We're conscious of the decisions we're making at every stage, and we’re committed to doing our very best, within our means and as we grow. We carefully choose sustainable, made-to-last qualities where possible, such as PBA-free hygienic silicone, recycled nickel-free stainless steel and recyclable mono plastics.

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