Powher Cares

Sustainability is said to be the loudest conversation in fashion right now and we couldn’t be more happy. We believe it is our responsibility to think more wisely, change our perspective, and to have a sustainable mindset in everything we do and don’t. To do good business by doing good. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we’re committed. And we think it is more important to be honest than to be perfect. So we’re working on it step by step and we’ll make sure to keep you posted about our progress going forward.

Women Empowerment

The celebration of women

Powher´s very name inform our mission: to celebrate all women around the globe. We are a company created by women, for women, with the aim of supporting the empowerment of women in all fields and walks of life. This is why we actively engage and contribute to this meaningful conversation and use the Powher platform to highlight the amazing energy and potential that radiates from the female side of the population.

Product Care

How to handle our products with loving care

Your jewelry and accessories should always be kept away from water, moist as well as chemical agents to avoid discoloration and tarnishing. Soap, cosmetics, oils and perfume can have an undesirable effect on the products. We suggest you attach the pieces back onto the fur free fur patch you received with your order. Then preferably slide everything back into the cellophane bag or any box of your choice to keep your treasures nice and tidy when not in use. Store the case away from direct sunlight. Fresh water pearls need a tiny bit more love and attention to keep up the shine. Clean your pearls after each wearing. Wipe them off with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or damp.

Climate Care

An holistic approach for a sustainable future

Powher’s approach to sustainability is holistic and long term. All choices are carefully made with consideration; from the materials we source for our products and the packaging we send out to our costumers to what impact our production has on the environment. All the way down to how we run our company on a daily basis -minimizing our travels and favoring digital over printed materials-is influenced by consciousness. We promise to always be transparent about the small but oh so important steps we take and the progress we make on our way to a more responsible, balanced and sustainable future.


The three-stage reusable, recyclable and compostable rocket

Our product packaging is a three-stage-rocket ready to fly into your mailbox. All three parts together are designed to be either reused, recycled or composted. We use a light padded recyclable envelope to ship our products. The inner bag makes sure your accessories travel safe together and is made of cellophane. And yes it’s a compostable material made of Bio-degradable corn and potato starch. Last but not least we attach our jewelry and accessories on a fur free fur patch. Use it to store and staple your Powher pieces when not in use.

The Vintage Collection

A unique and mindful fashion statement

Vintage is recycling, it’s unique and authentic. Wearing vintage jewelry and accessories is definitely a responsible and mindful way of indulging your love of fashion. Not being seen accessorized as anyone else in the Instagram age where originality is key, is highly prized. At the same time buying vintages minimize the resources used also with the potential to leave little holes in your pocket. All this and more is why the Powher Vintage Collection is such an important complement to the coexisting contemporary collection.


The materials we do use and don’t

All our earrings are made with hoops in skin friendly stainless steel as well as some of our necklaces. Stainless steel is a quality we love since it’s the most recycled and reused material on the planet. A selection of the earcuffs crafted in Italy in 14k gold. The rest of the Powher collection is mainly made from the following materials: fresh water pearls, faux pearls (plastic pearls), rock crystal and gold and silver alloy on brass and copper. We ensure that all products in the Powher main collection are led, nickel and phthalate free.

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